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Unlike typical photographers, I do not require you to buy prints or albums, you simply receive  digital images files called JPGs to use as you wish.

My rates for photoshoots in my studio are quite simple and consist of two parts:

The photoshoot fee and the optional retouching fee


The Photoshoot Fee

One Hour Shoot, studio:  $299.00*

Two Hour Shoot, studio: $399.00*  (most popular)


There is a 20% discount for military wives and girlfriends.  If the serviceman is deployed the discount is 30%.  Please contact me for details.


I ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid in advance by credit card, PayPal, cash or check to reserve your photoshoot time.   If you need to reschedule and can do so at least 24 hours in advance, your deposit can be retained and applied to another date.  This can only be done once!  If you simply cancel or give less than 24 hours notice, your deposit will not be refunded.

I will process and select the images that meet my quality standards.   You will receive a LINK to your images via email within about three to four days. This link is to a password protected gallery on my site of all your edited images.  What does "edited" mean?  It is not the same as retouching. The images are corrected for exposure, light/color balance, cropped, etc. to a professional standard.  They will be medium-resolution, un-retouched, images.  You can download any or all of the images I have posted.  You can share the password with anyone but remember that they also can download the images.  They are perfect for emailing to friends and viewing on mobile devices, computers, low resolution printing etc..  You will own these images and may do whatever you wish with them.  For many clients who simply want photos to share and/or view, this is all they need.

Note: it is impossible to say in advance how many images you will receive.  Recent photoshoots have produced between 20 and 200 images.

The Optional Retouching Fee

$25 per retouched, high resolution image.

If you love an image, but want all the details to be perfect, there is always Photoshop!  This is a time consuming process in which wrinkles, blemishes and stray hairs are removed.   Other body parts can sometimes be improved as well.  This can easily take an hour per image.  The final result will be uploaded to the same secure, password protected site and a link will be emailed to you as a high-resolution JPG .  These images are suitable for quality printing.

PRINTS:  As you might guess, some of your images might not be ones you can take to the drugstore or discount store to be printed.  I have a professional Canon photo printer in my studio.  I can print up to 13 x 19 inch beautiful high end prints. Again, remember you do not have to buy any prints from me, if you find someone that can print professional prints for you that is perfectly fine with me.

PHOTO BOOKS:  I can edit and design photo books for you as well.  However, my publisher will only print if all the images are "g" rated.

VIDEO FEE: The video fee is in addition to the photoshoot fee.  I can video the entire photoshoot or just part of it.  Price varies.

***If the simple fee structure above does not seem to apply to your situation, please contact me with information about your needs and budget.  I will do my best to find an arrangement that meets your needs.