What is Pinup Art?

Best described as naughty-spicy-cute art.  Sexy?  Yes, but really creating art that is a fun and exciting important part of the past. There are really two major types of Pinups.  

The first is Classic Hollywood Pinups. These were as early as the 1920's.  All black and white photography of course in the early years. Later years were photographed in both beautiful black and white and color.  The end of the Hollywood Pinups was around the 1970's.  The second style of pinups are the classic illustrated rather than photographed pinups and usually associated with the World War II pinup artists.


We recreate the pinup art from the 40's and 50's.  These sessions require a little work on the part of the client but the art at the end is well worth it.  These shoots and the resulting art are very different from our boudoir work.  It is a three part process.  Some of the finished images are photo impressions and others are stylistic illustrations.  No other photographer/artist in Las Vegas offers this experience.

  • We start with the client
  • She will bring 2-3 outfits usually reminiscent of the era but not limited to that style.  Think Bettie Page look.  We are fortunate to have two Bettie Page stores here in Las Vegas as well as other stores that have apparel that will be great.  There is a great real vintage shop close to the Art District, Glam Factory-Vintage, they also rent outfits. There are also online stores that have some great vintage outfits.  Remember, you are not limited to vintage outfits, you can mix and match
  • The client is responsible for hair and makeup styling. 
  • The shoot will be between one and two hours depending on the package you chose.
  • The sessions are very upbeat, exciting and fun


  • Now the photographer and the shoot
  • The photographer is an expert in posing the client in the pinup style.  It is quite different than posing for a glamour or boudoir session, and even more fun!
  • The session will take use at least two or three camera/lighting/sets to get the look and feel he is trying capture. These setup are a must to achieve the real final 40's, 50's pinup look.  We even have a classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle to use on the set
  • The photographer has to capture the pinup look in the camera in order for the final pinup art to be achieved 
  • The artist gets to work
  • The editing and art work is very labor intensive, even more than our boudoir post processing which is pretty awesome.  We start with a beautiful photographic image, well lit, perfectly composed, etc.
  • That images is edited using the same process we use for our glamour and boudoir shoots to achieve a professional, beautiful image
  • Now comes the hard part.  Through the use of some pretty sophisticated software and editing programs and hand drawing/painting by the artist we are able to produce an illustrated image the draws from the styles of the great pinup artists of the past, such as Vargas, Elvgren, Runci and others.  The final product is no longer just a beautiful photograph but a work of art.